Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Initialization Parameters in the DBCA

Here are the initialization parameters that are set in the DBCA for a data warehouse. These are not correct for everyone, and you need to customize all data warehouse instances to match your specific processing needs.

Name Value
aq_tm_processes 1
db_block_size 8,192
db_cache_size 16m
db_file_multiblock_read_count 32
fast_start_mttr_target 300
hash_area_size 1m
hash_join_enabled TRUE
java_pool_size 33m
job_queue_processes 10
large_pool_size 8m
open_cursors 300
pga_aggregate_target 33m
processes 150
query_rewrite_enabled TRUE
remote_login_passwordfile EXCLUSIVE
shared_pool_size 50m
sort_area_size 1m
star_transformation_enabled TRUE
timed_statistics TRUE
undo_management AUTO
undo_retention 10,800

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